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Prayer Mat

Elegance, quality and comfort: an uncompromising promise. This double sided Prayer mat is handmade in Chamois and is subtly embellished with gemstones on its corners. Do not miss the concealed pocket for your prayer accessories at the top left corner of your Prayer mat.

Prayer Beads

These 33 count prayer beads combine both classic femininity and timeless elegance.

Quran with Cover

This special Cover for Quran is handmade in Chamois and wraps around the Quran most beautifully.

Cushion for Quran

This special Cushion for Quran is handmade in Chamois with special lining to allow for a comfortable and practical placement of the Quran while you pray.

Lower Mat

This double sided, generous sized Lower mat is handmade in Chamois to enhance the beauty of the Prayer Mat and provide extra comfort and support to the knees.

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